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CFD software:
If you meet the hardware requirements, you can request the CFD calculation software here.


"Driverless LED ...":

Not as big as it sounds: One has to be aware that LEDs without drivers operated directly to alternating voltage will flicker with it's maximum or stroboscope-like.

According to DIN EN 12464-1 / -2, stroboscopic flicker must be avoided at workplaces.
You should in any case obtain information about the light flicker from your vendor.


Fraudulent competition?
The assertion of flicker-free can not be correct for illuminants that flicker more than the incandescent bulb. Here is the list of marketers who still do.



On 11-Nov-2017 at 5:00pm there was a  radio show on Radio Querfunk Karlsruhe 104,8 MHz about light and light flicker. The whole cast oder only the conversation part may be downloaded.


15-Nov-2017: On the  Website Open Forum in EuP Network Germany there is to read:
"Product properties: Light flicker: Discussion text by Peter Erwin".


At the symposium 2017 the contacts and the mediation of the CFD method were further deepened.


It is still agreed that the CFD method is excellent against all other methods.


 TÜV SÜD has received the first measuring instrument for measuring and evaluating
light flicker.


Since June Marcel van der Steen has used the

CFD as a measure of light flicker. Thus in his professional light measuring laboratory OliNo lamps and illuminants are not only measured with regard to the light flicker but also assessed meaningfully.


In the latest issue of the US LEDs Magazine, an article has been published in which Peter Shackle

and Der Lichtpeter present the CFD as the only suitable measurement for complex periodic light signals.

History (but always at present)


Last update of this homepage: 12-March-2018:

- 22-Feb-2018: Interview with the magazine LiCHT, Munich: Lightflicker (DE).    Download here.

- 12-Feb-2018: LiTG: Lecture "Flicker on light sources" at KIT Karlsruhe (DE).

 - 08-Feb-2018: The ALDI-Süd special offer of the week (DE).

 - 01-Jan-2018: In the testlist now more than 1000 products in DIY stores and online shops.

- 21-Nov-2017: Participation in meeting at BAM in Berlin for the new Ecodesign Directive.

- 15-Nov-2017: EuP Network Germany : Light flicker: Discussion text by Peter Erwin.

- 11-Nov-2017: Radio show on Radio Querfunk Karlsruhe 104,8 MHz about light and light flicker.

- 06-Nov-2017: greenandco assesses its products with the Dimming Profile DPA.

- 29-Sep-2017: Delivery of the first CFD measuring instrument to TÜV SÜD.

- 26-Sep-2017: Visit of LpS 2017, further deepening of contacts and mediation of the CFD.

- 15-Aug-2017: In the testlist now more than 900 products in DIY stores and online shops.

- 10-Jul-2017: More than 150 illuminants reviewed on Amazon (DE).

- 01-Jun-2017: The measuring laboratory OliNo assesses lamps and illuminants with the CFD.

- 20-May-2017: Renewal of these websites by Hanna Wagner, Onlinemanagement für KMU

- 12-Apr-2017: In the testlist now more than 800 products in DIY stores and online shops.

- 02-Apr-2017: Article: LEDs Magazine: With Peter Shackle: Understand a new flicker metric...

- 21-Mar-2017: KEK practical seminar: Innovative lighting systems (DE)

- 01-Mar-2017: Sebson assesses its products with the CFD.

- 13-Feb-2017: Now as an online article: Lightflicker: Cause and correct measurement (DE)

- 13-Feb-2017: WDR5, Leonardo Interview at 1h:08 of the radio broadcast: Flicker (DE)

- 13-Feb-2017: The ALDI-Süd special offer of the week (DE).

- 05-Jan-2017: The Dimming Profile expresses the behavior of the dimmer in a simple measure.

- 31-Dec-2016: Too bad that Wolfgang Messer closes his blog, it is

    a loss of a very valuable, praiseworthy, great work.

- 15-Nov-2016: Patona assesses its first product with the CFD.

- 03-Nov-2016: Over 700 test results: the driverless are striking.

- In the March 2016 issue of the electronics journal published by

   the author Hans Diesing in this article sees the CFD as the basis of a
   marking in the technical data of illuminants (DE).

- 08-Jan-2016: greenandco assesses its products with the CFD (DE).

- 14-Dec-2015: An interview with Prediger-Lichtjournal from Hamburg:

   Lightflicker: Why the electronic ballast is so important. (DE)