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Since the existence of the alternating voltage, in conjunction with fluorescent tubes, screens and often extremly on the market LED light sources, light flicker exists, which is superimposed on the steady light as a light-dark alternating component. It is proven to have a negative effect on the nervous system of humans and other beings.

Der Lichtpeter is working on a regulation in cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency

under the new EU Eco-Design Directive, and the International Commission on Illumination.
In this video, the most important about it is explained in 3 minutes (German).

Here is the first aid quick test for Everyman...

All current activities at a glance are here.

CFD method

With the specially developed CFD method, even complex light emission signatures can be professionally evaluated with the worldwide only sensible measuring value.

Dimming profile

Since 2017 additionally the dimming profile is measured. In other words: How does an LED illuminant operated on an ideal dimmer behave in comparison to an incadescent light bulb.

Surveying of light sources

 Until measuring instruments are available in series, Der Lichtpeter offers a service for measuring illuminants with regard to optical light flicker according to all existing measuring methods as well as measuring the dimming profile.
For the benefit of private individuals it is a free service.

With the invention of the incandescent lamp one wanted light also after the day is over.
After 100 years, the LED has reached 10 times the efficiency of the incandescent lamps.

A change to LED is useful for at least two reasons:

1st the required energy is used environmentally friendly.

2nd your own purse is saved.

But there is an immeasurable daily changing huge selection of LED bulbs and you can do more wrong than right.
Edison would turn around in his grave in the face of many lamps.

Der Lichtpeter helps to decide the right light source!

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