About Peter Erwin

Der Lichtpeter exists here because...

...one needs a good consultation on the subject of light and lighting today because of the manifold and unfortunately often badly designed electronics!

The project Der Lichtpeter serves the benefit of all beings and to clarify about light flickering and to set guidelines and standards for restriction.
The project is not commercial and not monetary or profit-oriented.


Dual curriculum in Electrical Engineering (Automation), Diploma.


Years of research and development in

medical technology

(hardware, firmware).


Years of development in automation technology

(driver software)

currently at SEW-Eurodrive



with inventions by Peter Erwin.

The CFD method is disclosed and not bound by any patent.

Since 2010, the topic of lighting with artificial light has been important in Peter Erwin's own interest.
The focus of his work lies in the determination of optical light flicker.

This unpopular but nevertheless very important technical property of a luminous means needs paying more attention in view of the growth rates of flickering illuminants in the market.

For this reason Der Lichtpeter was founded. The Lichtpeter works for the benefit of humans and invests about 2000 Euro and 1000 working hours per year.

To support standards against light flicker in 2018, Peter Erwin has been working together with IEC TC 34 / WG 5.
He is member of
LiTG  and the International Commission on Illumination research forum RF-02.


Der Lichtpeter provides clarification and information to manufacturers, vendors and end-consumers!


As there is no unified method for measuring and evaluating optical light flicker in Europe or worldwide, Der Lichtpeter has engaged in this and developed the CFD as the world's first sensible measuring method.

As a professional service, Der Lichtpeter now offers the measurement of light sources with regard to optical light flicker. This is at least until appropriate measuring devices are available.


Der Lichtpeter hereby makes it clear that the work on optical light flicker has been carried out on own initiative and has not been remunerated by anybody, whether monetary or in goods, by May 2016. Most of the lamps Der Lichtpeter got at own expense, others were left for test purposes.
As before, Der Lichtpeter is not dependent on any manufacturer, distributor or vendor.


Responsible attitude as well as precision and conscientiousness were essential during the work in medical technology. This applies accordingly to the light work. Since the beginning

of the activities in 2010,
Der Lichtpeter has counselled a number of private and public institutions, that have been upgraded to flicker-free LED light with the greatest possible customer satisfaction.


Most of the patented inventions were given during the work in pulse spectroscopy. The control of LEDs and the evaluation of light signals are necessary as core knowledge. This has been incorporated into the pulse spectroscopy technology and the product ChipOx . Der Lichtpeter has further expanded the knowledge which now is beeing applied to LED lighting.