The dimming profile > behavior on a dimmer

... and a measure of this.

The dimming profile describes how the light source behaves when dimming.

In other words:

What is the brightness of the illuminant related to the dimmer position?


For this purpose, Der Lichtpeter has developed the new measure DPA, which expresses the Dimming Profile Deviation in comparison to the incandescent light bulb in percent.

At the bottom of this page, there is a list of illuminants tested for dimmability.

Basic knowledge:

By dimming (classical leading edge or recent trailing edge), only a part of the sinusoidal mains voltage is supplied to the illuminant. In this case, each half-wave is connected to the illuminant at a particular point in time (leading edge) or truncated at a certain point in time (trailing edge).


In order to avoid large current pulses, the resulting greater load and premature aging of the illuminant with inductive loads (e.g. transformer) a leading edge dimming should be favoured. For dimming capacitive loads (e.g. LED illuminants) the trailing edge dimmer has advantages.

For pure resistive loads (e.g. the light bulb), the type of dimmer does not matter.


The diagram shows on the X axis the time of one sinusoidal half wave of the mains voltage (10 ms) divided into 16 equidistant time sections (0.625 ms each) for leading / trailing edge.
According to the partial voltage supplied, the incandescent lamp extracts electrical power, which is why the dimming is suitable for saving energy.
On the Y axis, this is shown normalized with reference to the nominal power of the illuminant.

It can be seen that the correlation between the energy supplied and the radiated light is not linear, the light output decreases with dimming. Incidentally in the same context, the light color temperature drops.

That is, when dimming, the light of the incandescent lamp becomes more reddish and dark as energy is saved because it converts the greater part of the electrical power into heat.

The course of the light efficiancy and thus the brightness of a light bulb during dimming is the same for all incandescent lamps. That's why we never had to ask ourselves what the course was; It has always been determined by the simple physics of the tungsten filament.

Dimming of cold lamps

The correlation between the applied energy and the brightness of cold lamps (fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamps and LEDs) is determined by the electronic ballast. Since this can look totally different depending on the manufacturer, a cold lamp behaves correspondingly differently.

For this reason, there exists a distinction between dimmable and non-dimmable illuminants in contrast to the incandescent light bulb.
With the so-called dimmable LED lamps, however, the variance of the behavior during dimming as with light flickering has achieved such a degree that they largely do not correspond either to the behavior of a incandescent or to one another.

Or extremely: They call themselves dimmable, but sometimes they are not in practice, they may only survive operated on a dimmer.

In the meantime, it is generally known that a dimmer operated below its minimum load can cause problems, for example the light begins to flare like a candle light with low frequency and irregulary (not to be mixed up with light flicker at double mains frequency).
It is also known that the dimmability for other reasons fails with some dimmers and that there may be incompatibilities between dimmers and lamps.

This has also been stated by the NDR (a German radio broadcast service) in its program "Markt" series on 04-Apr-2016 (even if procedural errors were made, e.g. disregarding the dimmer minimum load).

However, this is not the subject of this page or of the dimming profile. The consideration of the minimum load and the basic compatibility of the dimmer with an LED illuminant is assumed for the following. Here with the dimmig profile it is about the illuminants unfortunate not ideal behaviour with an ideal dimmer, caused by the manufacturer's design of the electronic ballast.


The practice

By experience there are two main applications where the dimming behavior plays a role:

Application 1:

Many people replace a light bulb only with a defect against an LED illuminant. A mixing operation with LEDs is always possible without any technical problems.


However, if on dimmable chandelier you exchange the a candle incandescent bulb with an LED candle illuminant (same lumens and color temperature) the astonishment is perhaps big:




The LED illuminant dims differently, mostly it is significantly brighter than the light bulbs on the way to the dark.

Application 2:

In an existing apartment, all incandescents are exchanged for LED illuminants (no mixed operation):

Even if nothing flares or flickers, the LED bulbs can not be properly dimmed. Either the LED bulb is much too light (two to three times) when the dimmer is turned to the left. Or if at full brightness the dimmer is turned to the left to darken the light, nothing happens for long and suddenly within a small dimming range the light darkens much faster.

However, all this is not due to the dimmer but to the illuminant, which behaves completely differently under the same circumstances as the previously operated incandescent bulb.

The question of quantification

In contrast to light flickering, which can be dangerous or unhealthy, the dimming behavior of a luminous means is a pure quality feature and when dimming the illuminant, a lower quality is immediately noticeable to everyone.


This raises two questions about the problem:
1. How bright is the LED bulb in certain dimmer settings compared to an incandescent lamp?
2. How do you express the partial large differences between leading edge and trailing egde?


The consumer would therefore be much clearer if the dimming behavior of an illuminant is measured, set as a measure compared to an incandescent lamp and specified in the technical data.
The Lichtpeter has invested quite a bit of manpower and has now found a solution.


The answer

The reference dimmer is a specially developed ideal dimmer:
It is processor-controlled, operates precisely according to the (dimming) educational book, and is independent of the load in its behavior.
This means that the measuring method is independent of dimmers on the market, which in turn behave differently.

The measuring method only reflects the dimming behavior of the illuminant.


The dimming behavior is measured as a dimming profile (relative brightness vs. dim position) in 16 dimpositions (evenly distributed over 360° of a circle, i.e. at distances of 22.5°). By means of the positions 4... 14 used for a real dimmer, the associated dimming profile abberation is determined using the abbreviation DPA as a percentage.


Strictly speaking, two percentages are given because, in contrast to the incandescent bulb, it can make a very large difference whether the light source is dimmed with a classical leading edge or a more trailing edge dimmer. This also clearly indicates at which type of dimming the LED illuminant runs better.



In the following diagrams, the light bulb is designated "Incandescent" as the reference of the dimming profile, for the device unter test it is  "LE" for leading edge and "TE" for trailing edge.












Value range

Just as with light flickering: the smaller the deviation, the better.

The two figures as a pair of figures DPA/% = L##T## respectively indicate the percent deviations for leading edge and trailing edge.



With >99%, a lamp is not really dimmable in practice.

<= 25%

Values of <= 25% indicate that the light source can be adjusted properly.

<= 10%

At values of <= 10%, the illuminant is comparable with the behavior of incandescent lamps, that is, in mixed use, there will be hardly any difference noticable, with 0% there is no difference.














During the development of the DPA procedure an additional problem has occurred:

It makes a difference with some lamps whether they are dimmed from bright to dark or from dark to bright (down-dimming or up-dimming):

For a particular dimming position (e.g. center), the brightness is different.

However, here the DPA specification no longer differentiates, all cases are measured, but only the more unfavorable is used as the final value.

Product assessment

It should be made clear that the categorization and evaluation of the dimming properties of a product is not an overall assessment of the product but only the partial aspect of the dimming behavior. Nevertheless, the DPA value to describe the dimming behavior may be considered as a useful quality criterion. Everyone makes their own decision, which criteria he or she uses to evaluate a product in its entirety.


The list on the test page for light flicker has already become very long.


From the presentation similar here the DPA list (updated 03-Sep-2020):

Brand Article Technique Socket Shape LumFlux Power DPA/%
Ainise DR-4-E14-C35 LedF4dim E14 M-Kerze 360Lm 4W L9T13
Aiwode OFS-SMD5W-GU10 LedM24dim GU10 T-R50W120 600Lm 5W L23T35
Aiwode OFS-SMD5W-MR16 LedM24dim MR16 T-R50120 600Lm 5W L>99T>99
Albrillo LL-LS19 LedM108dim R7s T-Roehre118 1000Lm 10W L14T15
Aoxdi Led-G9-2835-Smd LedM14dim G9 M-MiniBirne 300Lm 3W L14T12
Aoxdi Led-R7s-COB-10W LedCobdim R7s T-Roehre118 900Lm 10W L34T49
Arditi 038665 LedM16Tldim 230V T-ChipR70 1700Lm 18W L9T9
Aselight ASE-C35-B-6W-E14-WW LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 400Lm 4W L9T18
Aselight ASE-C35B-6W-WW LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 600Lm 6W L9T23
Aselight ASE-G45A-4W-WW-Golden LedF6dim E14 T-Tropfen 600Lm 6W L8T20
Aselight C35-4W-Frosted LedF4dim E14 M-Kerze 400Lm 4W L12T24
Aselight G45-e14-6w-frosted LedF6dim E14 M-Tropfen 600Lm 6W L10T21
Betling B1176De LedH1dim 230V T-Leuchte 900Lm 10W L7T25
Bopp 38580309 LedHTldim 230V M-Leuchte 2250Lm 27W L9T19
Brimax LM-DE-C35-4W-E14-27D LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 420Lm 4W L23T25
Brimax LM-FM-C35-4W-E14-27ND LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 400Lm 4W L23T25
Briloner 7233-018 LedM24dim 230V T-Dwn100W# 1000Lm 11W L23T13
Catellani+Smith Lw253 LedHdim 230V T-Leuchte 1590Lm 17W L11T15
Civilight CL7505 LedHdim 230V T-R50W36 400Lm 6W L17T85
Civilight CL8002W LedHdim 230V T-Dwn85W36 400Lm 6W L9T80
Civilight CL8134N LedHdim 230V T-Dwn85W36 400Lm 6W L9T80
Civilight CLE2428 LedF2dim E14 T-Kerze 300Lm 3W L15T85
Civilight CLE2432 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 450Lm 4W L15T53
Civilight Haled95-22164 LedHDim GU10 T-R50W36 345Lm 7W L13T--
DaylightItalia 700140-00A LedF2dim E27 T-Globe 250Lm 5W L13T21
Dicuno UK-E14-88-CMC-DMB-WW LeM88dim E14 T-MiniMais 430Lm 4W L11T11
Dicuno UK-WV-R7S-108-CMC-DMB-WW LedM108dim R7s T-Roehre118 1100Lm 10W L15T14
Duralamp 272702-D LedHdim GU10 T-R50W10 500Lm 8W L62T>99
EcoLuma G9-A-32-DIM LedM32dim G9 T-MiniMais 420Lm 4W L11T17
eecoo G9-A-32Led LedM32dim G9 T-MiniMais 500Lm 5W L11T16
Elinkume B35-600WLd LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 600Lm 6W L8T13
Elinkume BF35-600WLd LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 600Lm 6W L9T14
Elinkume G9-4Led20M-W5 LedF4dim G9 T-MiniBirne 226Lm 2W L8T15
Elinkume G9-HP14-W1-5114 LedM14dim G9 M-MiniBirne 220Lm 3W L7T15
Elinkume G9-T70D-W5 LedM70dim G9 T-MiniMais 420Lm 4W L11T16
Eltropa ELNR-50682-27 LedHdim 230V T-Dwn88W38 700Lm 8W L18T19
Emotionlite ST64LF-4-22 LedF4dim E27 T-Radio 400Lm 4W L20T20
euroLighting DMA5001-0523-01 LedM28Tldim 230V T-ChipR47 480Lm 6W L8T14
euroLighting DMA5001-1023-01 LedM28Tldim 230V T-ChipR47 900Lm 10W L>99T>99
euroLighting DMA5002-2023-01 LedM40Tldim 230V T-ChipR47 1700Lm 22W L8T13
ExtraStar DE-G9DIMW-6 LedM30dim G9 T-MiniMais 300Lm 3W L9T12
Fiai 113682 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W60 480Lm 8W L24T39
Fiai 113683 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W60 500Lm 8W L23T37
FreLed F8-001-A30-7W LedMTldim 230V M-Dwn125W120 560Lm 7W L15T30
Fiai 114067 LedH1dim GU10 T-R50W10 410Lm 8W L28T47
FreLed F8-001-A50-15W LedMTldim 230V M-Dwn180W120 1350Lm 15W L36T65
FreLed F8-001-A80-24W LedMTldim 230V M-Dwn230W120 2300Lm 24W L40T67
G-Glow E27-500WW1D LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 500Lm 5W L90T74
GaoTerLED GTL-A60-8A-dim LedF8dim E27 T-Birne 720Lm 6W L31T50
GaoTerLED GTL-C35-4A-dim LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 360Lm 4W L19T27
GaoTerLED GTL-C35-6A-dim LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 480Lm 5W L11T19
GaoTerLED GTL-G45-6A-dim LedF6dim E27 T-Tropfen 600Lm 5W L17T21
GE 91227 IncStddim E27 M-Birne 880Lm 100W L0T0
GE 91229 IncStddim E27 M-Birne 450Lm 60W L1T0
GE 93010067 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 470Lm 7W L35T90
GE 93010267 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 810Lm 11W L31T66
GreenAndCo FSL-GU10-7-30 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W36 500Lm 7W L18T11
GreenAndCo HAI-GU10-5W-Dim LedHdim GU10 T-R50W38 400Lm 5W L10T30
GreenAndCo HAI-GU10-7W-Dim LedHdim GU10 T-R50W38 530Lm 7W L13T28
GreenAndCo LL-C35-4W-E14-D-C LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 470Lm 4W L13T20
GreenAndCo LL-ST64-7W-E27-D-A LedF4dim E27 T-Radio 638Lm 7W L16T31
GreenAndCo NZ-GU10-15SMD LedM15dim GU10 T-R50W110 400Lm 6W L18T44
GreenAndCo NZ-GU10-5W-15SMD-D-90 LedM15dim GU10 T-R50W110 410Lm 5W L12T22
GreenAndCo RW-C35-4W-2700K-90-D LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 420Lm 4W L16T21
GreenAndCo RW-G9-3W-2700K-R95-D LedM32dim G9 T-MiniMais 250Lm 3W L8T13
GreenAndCo RW-G9-4W-3000K-R95-D LedM64dim G9 T-MiniMais 400Lm 4W L8T13
GreenAndCo TM-A19-5W-E27-D LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 620Lm 5W L14T25
GreenAndCo TM-A19-8W-E27-D LedF8dim E27 T-Birne 960Lm 8W L32T47
GreenAndCo TM-A19-8W-E27-D-W LedF8dim E27 M-Birne 1000Lm 8W L25T42
GreenPowerLED LED1x6S10LD LedHdim GU10 T-R50W60 420Lm 6W L14T42
GreenSun D094-C16W-6-OY LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 540Lm 6W L8T16
Halemeier 20823H LedM13Tldim 230V T-ChipR47 300Lm 5W L10T13
Halemeier-Tci 3212701-122260 LedM108dim 230V M-Leuchte 1335Lm 15W L15T66
Hanclled HCL-E14CLED-6WW LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 500Lm 6W L20T27
Hydong DR-4-E14-C35 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 470Lm 5W L16T24
I-Glow 22134 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 470Lm 4W L46T77
I-Glow 22136 LedF4dim E27 T-Tropfen 470Lm 4W L48T75
I-Glow 5879-013 LedM27dim E27 M-Birne 1055Lm 13W L23T29
Ikea LED1308G16 LedHdim E27 M-Globe 1000Lm 17W L6T24
Ikea LED1309G15 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 1000Lm 13W L39T69
Ikea LED1532R6 LedH5dim GU10 T-R50W36 400Lm 6W L10T18
Ikea LED1633G5 LedF4dim E27 T-Globe 400Lm 5W L7T11
Ikea LED1639C3 LedF2dim E14 T-Kerze 200Lm 3W L6T11
Ikea LED1708R5 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W36 400Lm 6W L39T>99
Iluminize 250632 LedHTldim GU10 T-R50W60 500Lm 6W L11T10
Kraus LK13-Z-ES-200 LedHdim 230V T-Dwn85W36 770Lm 9W L7T7
lampsplus 960854 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 750Lm 6W L12T15
Lansontech C35-Dim-Fl-E14-4W LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 400Lm 4W L22T34
Lansontech C35-Dim-To-E14-4W LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 400Lm 4W L21T32
Lctw 3004 LedHdim E14 T-Kerze 230Lm 5W L24T15
Lctw 4013 LedHdim E14 T-Kerze 470Lm 6W L29T31
Lctw 4031 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W36 345Lm 6W L21T22
LEDfux TREBR-738-WWS LedHTldim 230V T-Dwn86W38 430Lm 7W L7T9
Ledon 28000012 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 600Lm 10W L60T>99
Ledon 28000165 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 400Lm 7W L21T16
Ledon 28000239 LedHdim 230V T-R50W38 600Lm 10W L22T28
Ledon 28000289 LedHdim E27 M-Globe 800Lm 13W L18T11
Ledxon 9006063 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 806Lm 10W L23T49
Lexman A65-7D-14W30E27 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 1521Lm 14W L9T30
LivarnoLux HG00785C LedHdim E14 M-Kerze 470Lm 6W L15T60
LivarnoLux HG00785D LedHdim E27 M-Birne 470Lm 7W L12T62
Lohas LH-GU10-150-3000K-D LedM10dim GU10 M-R50W120 500Lm 6W L23T27
Luokoed SP-GU10-5B LedM24dim GU10 M-R50W120 500Lm 6W L22T36
Luxon YHDE-1001-004 LedF6dim E27 T-Birne 550Lm 6W L11T13
Luxram LX-015027040 IncStddim E27 T-Birne 120Lm 40W L1T1
Luxvenum LV7MCCT-F LedMdim 230V M-R50W60 410Lm 7W L7T11
Megos F122CB16A217.5W LedF4dim E27 M-Birne 700Lm 8W L24T52
Megos MELED400-15WBD LedHdim E27 M-Birne 1521Lm 15W L23T50
Megos MELED400-5WMB-E14D LedHdim E14 M-Tropfen 470Lm 5W L20T61
Megos MELED400-9WBD LedHdim E27 M-Birne 806Lm 9W L26T70
Mueller 400347 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 2450Lm 21W L12T8
Mueller 400364 LedF6dim E27 T-Birne 1055Lm 8W L23T38
Mueller 43084 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 430Lm 4W L25T60
Mueller 43179 LedHdim E14 M-R50 470Lm 6W L16T26
Mueller 43182 LedH9dim GU10 T-R50W36 400Lm 6W L22T29
Mueller 43578 LedHdim E27 M-R63 700Lm 9W L14T24
Mueller 43580 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W36 370Lm 6W L16T27
Nedis LEDBDFE27A601 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 806Lm 9W L21T32
Neverland D094-C16W LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 600Lm 6W L12T15
OakLeaf 101047UK LedF4dim E27 T-Radio 330Lm 4W L14T22
Ogeled XXX LedHdim GU10 T-R50W25 360Lm 4W L23T24
Opple 500010001900 LedF4dim E27 M-Birne 470Lm 5W L71T>99
Osram 4052899959200 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 2452Lm 21W L23T49
Osram 4058075105379 LedH7dim GU10 T-R50W36 350Lm 5W L6T3
Optonica SP1853 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 600Lm 6W L13T15
Osram 4052899961869 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 806Lm 7W L58T81
Osram 4058075037526 LedF6dim E27 T-Birne 806Lm 7W L15T17
Osram 4058075105393 LedM7dim GU10 T-R50W36 350Lm 5W L5T4
Osram LPPAR16D5036 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W36 350Lm 5W L42T91
Osram 4058075289031 LedF8dim E27 T-Birne 1521Lm 12W L9T32
Osram PCLB25ADV-4W-82 LedHdim E14 M-Kerze 250Lm 5W L23T14
Osram RF-GLOBE-54-7W-824-E27-FIL LedF4dim E27 T-Globe 710Lm 7W L42T67
Osram SST-PIN32-3.5-W827-G9 LedM32dim G9 T-MiniBirne 350Lm 4W L12T16
Osram SSTCLA75D10W-82 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 1055Lm 10W L24T43
Osram SSTLINE125-15W827-R7s LedM96dim R7s T-Roehre118 2000Lm 15W L10T11
Osram SSTLINE75-8W827-R7s LedM64dim R7s T-Roehre78 1055Lm 8W L8T13
Paulmann 28226 Leddim E27 M-Birne 806Lm 11W L15T30
Paulmann 28494 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 470Lm 5W L10T18
Paulmann 28499 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 470Lm 5W L11T18
Paulmann 28501 LedF4dim E14 T-Tropfen 470Lm 5W L10T17
Paulmann 28506 LedF4dim E14 T-Roehre 470Lm 5W L10T17
Paulmann 28608 LedF4dim E27 T-Globe 420Lm 8W L29T69
PbVersand 360-G9COB LedHdim G9 T-MiniBirne 200Lm 2W L9T14
PbVersand 575-R7SW15DIM LedM80dim R7s T-Roehre118 1000Lm 10W L13T10
Philips 8718696438305 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W40 280Lm 4W L28T35
Philips 8718696457177 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W40 378Lm 6W L10T17
Philips 8718696481202 LedHdim E27 T-Birne 470Lm 6W L11T16
Philips 8718696562864 LedM7dim GU10 T-R50W36 350Lm 5W L31T15
Philips 8718696575475 LedF6dim E27 T-Birne 806Lm 8W L7T25
Philips 8718696578674 LedM4dim G9 T-MiniBirne 215Lm 3W L23T81
Philips 8718696578735 LedM48dim R7s T-Roehre118 1600Lm 14W L7T26
Philips 8718696707678 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W36 355Lm 6W L6T13
Philips 8718696707913 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W60 355Lm 5W L27T52
Philips 8718696708118 LedH6dim GU10 T-R50W36 355Lm 5W L30T26
Philips 8718696708118 LedM7dim GU10 T-R50W36 355Lm 5W L9T11
Philips 8718696709269 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 610Lm 8W L12T13
Philips 8718696710142 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 470Lm 5W L14T20
Philips 8718696713464 LedM72dim R7s T-Roehre118 2000Lm 14W L19T45
Philips 8718696713907 LedH4dim E27 T-R95W25 760Lm 10W L10T13
Philips 8718699646127 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 806Lm 9W L70T82
Philips 8718699662714 LedM14dim GU10 T-R50W36 575Lm 7W L39T24
Philips 8727900934489 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 806Lm 12W L>99T>99
Philips 929000186702 LedHdim E14 T-Kerze 136Lm 3W L6T46
Philips 9290012211 LedHdim GU10 T-R50W36 245Lm 5W L8T32
Radium 180509947 IncStddim E27 T-Birne 505Lm 60W L0T0
Rewe 3014176 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 806Lm 9W L18T45
Rewe 3014182 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 1055Lm 11W L16T37
Rewe 3014186 LedHdim E14 M-Tropfen 470Lm 6W L27T60
Rewe 3014190 LedHdim E14 M-Kerze 470Lm 6W L28T58
RFsemi DCMF5510-0522-01 LedHTldim 230V T-ChipR55 550Lm 6W L9T10
RFsemi DCMF6514-1522-01 LedHTldim 230V T-ChipR65 1800Lm 18W L13T15
RFsemi DMA5001-0523-01 LedM28Tldim 230V T-ChipR47 480Lm 6W L7T14
RFsemi DMA5002-2023-01 LedM40Tldim 230V T-ChipR47 1700Lm 22W L8T12
Rossmann Rubin-13842 LedH4dim GU10 T-R50W32 350Lm 5W L53T>99
Rotaliana 1FRW200063FL0 LedM52dim 230V M-Leuchte 3200Lm 29W L9T25
S7Seven XXX1 LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 600Lm 6W L9T11
S7Seven XXX2 LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 600Lm 6W L9T12
S7Seven XXXX LedF6dim E27 T-Roehre 600Lm 6W L8T16
Samsung SI-A8W052180EU LedHdim E14 M-Kerze 300Lm 6W L24T23
SanGlory HR-094-DE LedM21dim G9 T-MiniMais 500Lm 5W L8T13
Segula 50041 LedF1dim E14 T-R50W360 200Lm 4W L24T20
Segula 50042 LedF1dim E27 T-R100W360 380Lm 8W L25T20
Segula 50248 LedF10dim E27 T-Birne 560Lm 8W L15T16
Segula 50295 LedF4dim E27 T-Radio 400Lm 6W L19T21
Segula 50313 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 280Lm 4W L24T35
Segula 50337 LedF8dim E27 T-Birne 600Lm 8W L16T17
Segula 50500 LedF4dim E27 T-Radio 250Lm 6W L17T20
Segula 50610 LedF4dim G9 T-MiniKolben 250Lm 3W L30T30
Segula 50800 LedF6dim E14 T-Roehre 380Lm 5W L20T19
Segula 50809 LedF8dim E27 M-Birne 810Lm 8W L66T32
Sigor 6118001 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 400Lm 4W L43T>99
Suncentech A60-4A LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 400Lm 4W L12T13
Sunmeg St64-8W LedF6dim E27 T-Radio 500Lm 8W L12T11
Tala GAIA-6W-2200K-E27-NT LedF8dim E27 T-Birne 480Lm 6W L15T26
Tala Sphere-III LedFdim E27 T-Birne 640Lm 8W L16T21
Tamaykim E146W27 LedF6dim E14 T-Kerze 600Lm 6W L8T12
Tamaykim G9-5W30 LedM45dim G9 T-MiniMais 450Lm 5W L10T11
Toshiba 4713233152670 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 440Lm 5W L11T16
Toshiba LDAC0627E7EUD LedHdim E27 M-Birne 325Lm 6W L33T77
Toshiba LDCC0627FE4EUD LedHdim E14 M-Kerze 250Lm 6W L38T85
True-Light 8012 LedHdim E27 M-Birne 970Lm 12W L8T8
TS-Electronic 37-26607 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 810Lm 7W L12T15
TS-Electronic 37-66607 LedF4dim E27 T-Birne 810Lm 7W L13T16
Unqi C35T4WE14Dim LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 400Lm 4W L95T>99
Umi FG-03305 LedHdim B22 M-Birne 806Lm 9W L62T>99
Umi FG-03354 LedM6dim GU10 T-R50W60 345Lm 5W L20T65
Unqi XXXX LedF4dim E27 T-Tropfen 400Lm 4W L23T26
Wedna DR-7-E27-ST64 LedF8dim E27 T-Radio 700Lm 7W L21T26
X Gluehbirne IncC5Wdim SV8,5 T-Soffitte 45Lm 5W L18T18
X Gluehbirne IncHalo E27 T-Birne 700Lm 42W L0T0
X Gluehbirne IncHalodim MR11 T-R35W35 400Lm 20W L1T1
X Gluehbirne IncStddim E14 T-MiniBirne 110Lm 25W L2T0
Yaoten YT-C35-1 LedF4dim E14 T-Kerze 400Lm 4W L14T24
Yaoten YT-C35-2 LedF4dim E14 M-Kerze 400Lm 4W L15T24
Yaoten YT-G45-5 LedF4dim E14 T-Tropfen 400Lm 4W L28T34
Yuiip G9-A-32 LedM32dim G9 T-MiniMais 300Lm 4W L10T15
Yuiip G9-A-88 LedM88dim G9 T-MiniMais 540Lm 6W L9T13
Yunte YunteG125 LedF1dim E27 T-Globe 140Lm 4W L66T57
Yunte YunteST64-2 LedF1dim E27 T-Radio 180Lm 4W L30T38


It should be noted that, particularly some filament lamps and all driverless lamps, which each contain only a small amount of electronics, perform relatively well in the dimming behavior, which is similar to the tungsten filament in the nature of the (missing) thing. However, these lamps have very high light flicker values, so a view at the light flicker test page is quite important.