Let your illuminant be measured!

According to the EU regulation 2019/2020, it is necessary to test your light source for light flicker.

As a manufacturer or vendor of LED licht sources, from September 2021 you have to indicate your products with the specification of PstLM / SVM in the technical data. The product data base has to contain this information after May 2021.

Additionally a labelling with the CFD also helps customers to gain more confidence in your product and you can offer a strong argument for a purchase decision.



A low optical light flicker value will position your product much better on the market!

The optical light flicker of electrically operated lamps of any kind is measured by the CFD method


Illuminants which are i. a. measured:

-  LED illuminants

-  fluorescent lamps (classic or compact, energy saving lamps)

-  Incadescent lightbulbs


These, in turn, can be operated with different supply voltages.

For example:

-  230V AC (mains voltage Europe) from 0 to 500 watts.

-  Low voltage such as 12V AC / DC from 0 to 50 watts.


Additionally the operating mode can be combined: With or without dimmer.

For example:

-  Phase cut (leading edge)

-  Phase cut (trailing edge)

-  PWM


Further requirements can be requested.

Measurement laboratory



A specially developed processor-controlled measuring unit is used to carry out the measurements, which, in addition to evaluating the light flicker, adjusts the settings for signal sensitivity and dimming operation.

The measurement results are summarized in a report.

Aside the graphical output, the

-  light emission curve

-  the flicker base frequency

-  secondary frequencies

-  the CFD result and

-  the CFD classification

are specified.

In addition, the results of the

i. a. following measurement methods are also reported:

IES %Flicker, Flicker index

- IEEE 1789

- CAT24JA8-6 (UL)


- Jeita / Vesa

- ASSIST Flicker Metric

The reimbursement for the effort of the measurements will very quickly be amortized even with small sales figures.


An offer can be obtained via the contact page or by e-mail.

For private purposes in small samples Der Lichtpeter offers the service at the moment
free of charge.